When does the race start?register-now

The 5K chip timed run starts at 9:30AM Saturday, April 8th, 2017.

The Kids Dash will start at approximately 10:45 am.

What’s the course like?

The race will start at the amphitheater in Willis Tucker Park.  This is also right next to the playground.  The race starts and finishes on the the gravel trail by the amphitheater after a loop around the amphitheater runners will leave the park and do a loop around the neighborhood.  It will be a challenging three mile course of up and down hill terrain.  

Are strollers allowed on the course?

Yes!  We ask that strollers please stay to the left and allow other to pass.  Sturdy jogging strollers are highly recommended due to the changes in terrain. 

Are dogs allowed on the course?

We have a change in our policy for dogs from what was previously stated. Due to our insurance requirements we cannot allow dogs on the course for the race this year. We apologize if this is an inconvenience but we have to abide by the rules for our insurance and keep all runners safe. 

When is packet pickup?

Packet pick up will be on Friday April 7th from 3-7PM at Columbia Athletic Club Silver Lake: 505 128th St SE Everett, WA 98208.  You may also register for the race at this time to save a step day of.  Please bring cash or check only $40 for over 18 and $25 for 18 and under.  Kids dash is always free and kids can sign up or just show up on race day ready to run about quarter or a mile.

Day of race packet pick up will open at the amphitheater at Willis Tucker Park beginning at 7:30AM.

Is there “day of” registration?

Day of registration will open at the Amphitheater on the day of the race from 7:30-9:00.  While we will do our best to have t-shirts available in all sizes we can’t guarantee the right size for everyone. Cash or check only please!  $40 for over 18 and $25 for 18 and under.

Is the race being chip timed?

This year we are excited to be able to offer chip timing for the race.  while it does add a bit to our overhead we feel that it makes the race appeal to more runners which in the end makes our overall donation to UW stronger

What will the atmosphere be like?

We are an event to raise awareness for Autism.  We are hoping to have a large turnout of families with children on the Autism Spectrum.   We will have a sound system for announcements and music but will try to be as Autism and Sensory friendly as possible and still put a smooth  fun race.

Will there be water stations on the course?

We have decided that since the race is a simple 3 mile loop that we will forgo the on the course water station and save our resources for the finish line.  We will be handing out water for all runners and walkers.   

What about t-shirts?

.  Everyone who registers will recieve a shirt.  You may order more shirts online at any time or buy shirts from extra stock on the day of the race.  If you would prefer to not reieve a shirt for yourself or someone on your team.  Please choose the no shirt option at the bottom of the size options and instead the cost of your shirt will be added to the donation to the UW.  

What about Megaphone (virtual) runners?

We are very excited to offer this category of runner for those who wish to support us from far away or those who can’t make the race day of.  Packets with tee shirts and bibs should be mailed out about 8-10 days before  race day.  We just ask that after your run or workout please snap a selfie of yourself in your shirt and upload it to out Facebook page. 

What about the weather?

This is the Pacific Northwest in April.  If we don’t run in the rain we don’t run!  The race will take place rain or shine.  In the event of significant weather such as thunder, lightening, or major snow (hey you never know) we will make a decision if needed to cancel and post it both on the website and Facebook by 7AM.

Who are you?

A little over 6 years ago, Dave and Jen noticed that their son, Max, was experiencing some speech and motor delays. They decided to put him in speech and occupational therapy. It was at Max’s therapy clinic that they were first informed that Max might be on the autism spectrum. They were grateful to discover that finding out if Max was on the spectrum was covered by insurance, and so took him to the UW Autism Center. When the diagnosis was confirmed, they were able to act quickly to get Max the therapy that he needed. Today, Max talks, plays, and interacts with others his age. He attends a mainstream second grade at a local public school, and is well on his way to leading a happy and fulfilling life.

Dave and Jen feel extremely fortunate that they were able to get Max a diagnosis quickly, and wanted to find a way to help other families do the same. Enthusiastic (some might even say obsessed) with running, they came up with Run 2 Pieces to help more kids get the help they need to reach their full potential.

Why this event?

Many of us are familiar with the fact that ASD affects 1 out of every 68 children. Yet many families delay finding out if their child has ASD. Sometimes it’s because the family doesn’t have the money to pay for a diagnosis. Sometimes it’s because the family doesn’t want to label their child as “on the spectrum,” so they wait until the child enters school. Whatever the reason, this delay can cause frustration for the family and make it harder for the child to get the skills he or she needs to reach their full potential.

With Run 2 Pieces, we want everyone to understand that early diagnosis and treatment of autism can have a dramatic impact not just on the child’s life, but the life of his or her entire family. And we want to help make sure that families who need financial assistance can get it.

Do you allow refunds?

Sorry, but no. 😦 All registrations are final.

Why do you call virtual runners “megaphones?”

Because we don’t know where they are!

I don’t get it.

We know. It’s a private joke among some of the race organizers. 🙂

Other questions?

Contact us at run2pieces@gmail.com!